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Welcome To The Growth Zone

You are in business. You made it! You won your first clients! You earned your first money! Maybe even a lot of money! But as time goes by you realize: You cannot clone yourself. You have so many ideas that you want to implement. But your day has just 24 hours. You...

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How to Achieve Anything You Want

Would you also like to achieve more in your life? Reach more goals? Get more results? Have more impact? As entrepreneurs, we always look for ways to improve ourselves. With New Year approaching, many people ask themselves: How can I start the next year better than the...

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Sales Secrets: Create an Experience

When I was a child, my parents took me to a cave called “Feengrotten” in Germany. This was around 30 years ago. This year, we went back again to see the cave. I was shocked: There was a whole world built around the cave! 30 years ago, it was just a cave. But then I...

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How to Charge More for Your Products

Would you pay $50 for a bottle of water? What if you find yourself in a desert with no water around and you are about to pass out from dehydration? Does that change your perception? The secret to charging more for your products is to increase the perceived value for...

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Business Growth Fundamentals part 3: PORTER’S 5 FORCES

Are you wondering, why some industries just make more money than others? Are you wondering how you can also make more money in your industry? Read on to find out how to identify a good market with high profit margins. Michael D. Porter, a Harvard professor, invented...

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