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Every business grows in phases, and each phase holds different challenges.
We specialized in guiding you to growth and success, no matter where you stand today!

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No Strategy – No Success!
Strategy is the map for business growth. It defines a clear path forward and considers different scenarios. With our cross-industry expertise and holistic approach to profit and success, we free your business from distraction and focus your strategy on realizing your vision.


Profits hide in plain sight! Well-organized operational processes enable you to focus on your core competence. Maintained regularly and adjusted to changing needs, they keep your business on track, make sure your finances are in good shape and keep your team organized. Internal processes and systems are the undervalued key-contributor to growth and success.


The most critical resource factors to any business are Time, People and Money. The company that manages these resources best will have the most success. As your business grows to the next level, your resources are exposed to challenges. Getting more people onboard, covering the increasing expenses, choosing the right investments and making sure everybody works productively, is essential in a growth phase.

"Success and Growth are a Matter of Taking the RIGHT STEPS!"

The RespectStrategy Way

We build businesses that are set up for success!

holistic solutions

No band-aid solutions for theoretical situations. No shifting from left to right without actual benefit. We assess your specific situation with our holistic approach, considering interlinkages and deliver sustainable results that work in the real world.

100% Customized

Customized to your specific needs to function efficiently during your regular operations. Each business is unique and has a different combination of assets, resources and challenges. Following our practical hands-on approach, wedesign customized, effective solutions.

guided implementation

Knowing what to do is great but putting it to action is key! Taking the necessary steps can be hard and uncomfortable. Just like a personal trainer, we will be by your side to make sure you implement knowledge and achieve your desired results.

RespectStrategy-Founder, Mona Tenjo, with

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Hollywood Actor

Hugh Hilton & Vanilla Ice

HH: Business Tycoon & Real Estate Investor
VI: Rapper, Actor & Property Investor

Steve Wozniak

Apple Co-Founder

Chanyu Xu

Foodtech Industry Serial Entrepreneur

JT Foxx

World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach


Rapper & Motivational Coach

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Outfittery Co-Founder

Sara Nuru

Top Model & Social Entrepreneur

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Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach